THURSDAY UPDATE (SEPT 20)  - This 6 page update contains a significant amount of community information. Please CLICK HERE to download this update.  The headlines include:

     Road work continues in Templeton on three fronts

     Local bank makes significant donation to Templeton Library

     Templeton Library group announces the "BIG Reveal Celebration"

     Mark Your Calendars!  Community Clean Up Day is September 29th

     Eagles Boosters recognize outstanding September Athletes of the Month

     THS Homecoming Parade & Game is September 28th

     Templeton shines in 2018 CMSF Beef Carcass Class awards

     2nd Annual Templeton FFA Tractor Pull is October 6th

     Note!  FFA Drive Thru BBQ pick up is today

     Note!  Founders Day Cancelled

     Weather & Air Quality Report

     More Upcoming Events

MONDAY UPDATE (SEPT 10) - A short Update with a photo of the day and a number of interesting and useful items of information.  Please CLICK HERE to download this Update.

CALENDR EDITION (SEPT 9) - This Calendar Edition contains meetings and events in and around Templeton from September 10-17.  Please CLICK HERE to download this edition.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE (AUG 29) - Notes from the Editor - CALENDAR - (a) Wednesday, August, 29, (b) Thursday, August 30 and (c) Friday, August 31- NEW EVENTS - Massive Book Bonanza Giveaway and Sale this weekend! - ROADS & TRAFFIC - (a) A reminder to please be cautious when driving in Templeton and (b) CHP to step up enforcement for Labor Day Weekend - WATER NEWS - "California and Feds agree: No pot grows on public lands.  Please CLICK HERE to download this edition.

SUNDAY UPDATE (AUG 26) - Note from the Editor - CALENDAR - (a) Monday, August 27 and (b) Tuesday, August 28 - COUNTY GOV - Meet with your Supervisors - WEATHER & AIR QUALITY - WATER NEWS - Video on "Rain Garden Water Harvesting".  Please CLICK HERE to download Update.

WEEKEND UPDATE (AUG 24) - WEEKEND EVENTS (a) ECHO's Long Walk Home, (b) Summer Social at Sherwood Dog Park, (c) Farmers Market, (d) Swim at Templeton Pool, (e) THS Football Dinner & Auction, (f) Whale Rock Warm Up at Castoro, and (g) Templeton Performing Arts Center Foundation Inaugural Concert - WEATHER - (a) Forecast calls for continued cooler temperatures and (b) North County Air Quality Report - POLICE & FIRE - (a) Fire Station #30 to be housed in Templeton for about 18 months and (b) Fewer offenders returning to life of crime - HEALTH & FITNESS - (a) Addressing mental health crises in ERs and (b) FREE County flu shot clinic scheduled for October - WILDFIRE - (a) Opinion: "Environmentalists have stood in the way of fire prevention efforts.  That has to end" and (b) Ferguson Fire Final Update - TALKING TRASH - "Mountains of U.S. recycling pile up as China restricts imports" - WATER NEWS - (a) "Jolting California officials, Trump administration looks to rewrite rules for Delta water", (b) "6 steps to make a rain garden", and (c) VIDEO on "Rain Garden Water Harvesting".  Please CLICK HERE to download Update. 

CALENDAR DIGEST WITH BULLETIN BOARD (AUG 20) - This Calendar Edition contains information on upcoming meetings, classes, workshops, events and much more for August 20 thru 27 along with a Bulletin Board of events for the next quarter and beyond.  Please CLICK HERE to download the Edition.

FRIDAY UPDATE (AUG 17) - COMMUNITY - Start of school and construction to increase traffic delays - WEATHER - (a) Forecast for start of school still holding at 85 degrees and (b) North County air quality slightly improved - TALKING TRASH - "Changes in waste management industry mean changes in how we recycle at home" - WATER NEWS - "Back Again: Water tax revived to clean up taps" and "New Mexico groundwater diversion plan rejected as "water speculation"" - and an UPDATED BULLETIN BOARD!  Please CLICK HERE to download this Update.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE (AUG 15) - COMMUNITY - (a) THS STEM/Admin Building ribbon cutting ceremony postponed and (b) Don't miss the last Summer Concert in the Park - LOCAL GOV - (a) Work continues to save Templeton Fire and (b) Refuse rates and the state of recyclables to be discussed Friday - COUNTY GOV - County Parks reaches a large audience at the Mid-State Fair - ELECTION NEWS - Templeton ballot for Nov 6 election is decided; no election for TCSD - POLICE & FIRE LOGS - (a) Ferguson Fire now at 87 percent contained, (b) Yosemite Valley now open to the public, (c) Smoky conditions remain in the area, and (d) Current Ferguson Fire statistics - HEALTH & FITNESS - County 2017/18 Mental Health Plan yields good results - WEATHER & AIR QUALITY - (a) Forecast comfortable for start of school and (b) North County air quality slightly improved - TALKING TRASH - (a) Editor's Note, (b) "China's recycling restrictions hit U.S. towns", and (c) Editor's Note - WATER NEWS - "Can California's wild and scenic rivers stay that way?" - ROADS & TRAFFIC - Two reminders - (a) Work on Main Street scheduled to start on September 4th and (b) Use caution when traveling on Las Tablas near the wastewater project construction sites - NEW EVENT LISTING - Tickets are now available for the 2nd Annual Templeton FFA Tractor Pull - REMINDERS.  Please CLICK HERE to download this Update.

WEEKEND UPDATE (AUG 11) - COMMUNITY - NEWS FLASH - Templeton resident to be promoted to Lt. Colonel in Army National Guard - ELECTION NEWS - (a) With 4 candidates, Templeton now has an election for school board, and (b) With only 1 candidate, TCSD nomination period is extended to Aug 15 - FIRE NEWS - (a) Editor's Note!, (b) NEWS FLASH - Yosemite Valley to reopen to visitors on Tuesday, August 14 at 9 am, and (c) Ferguson Fire now the largest fire in the history of Sierra National Forest - HEALTH NEWS - (a) UC Cooperative Extension launches new guidance for workplace breastfeeding and (b) Twin Cities receives breastfeeding award - WEATHER & AIR QUALITY - (a) Cooler temperatures in Templeton thru next week and (b) Smoke from wildfires continues to impact North County air quality - TALKING TRASH - "Much of San Diego's recycling goes to China and now China doesn't want it" - WATER NEWS - "Caltech animation based on satellite data shows Southern CA "breathing water"" - ROADS & TRAFFIC - Plan for detours & delays - Work on Main Street scheduled to start September 4th - NEW EVENT LISTING - TPAC Foundation to hold Inaugural Concert on August 25th - and REMINDERS.  To download this Update, please CLICK HERE.

THURSDAY UPDATE (AUG 9) - COMMUNITY: (a) Templeton youngsters earn "Best of Show" in sewing & quilting, and (b) Volunteers needed to help with Dog Splash Days - ELECTION NEWS: No change since Aug 6 - Still only 2 for school board and 1 for TCSD - HEALTH REPORT:  (a) County Health confirms 2 cases of flu from exposure to pigs at Fair and (b) Mid-State Fair launches aggressive review of animal health protocols - COUNTY GOV: County assessment role increases by 5.8 percent - FIRE NEWS:  (a) Editor's Note, (b) Ferguson Fire threatens Yosemite Valley, and (c) "The misunderstood reality of climate and fires in California" - WEATHER & AIR QUALITY: (a) Cooler temperatures in Templeton, and (b) Smoke from wildfires impacting North County air quality - TALKING TRASH: "A giant floating trash collector will try to scoop up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch" - WATER NEWS: "How saving Southern California steelhead trout could also help the state's watersheds" - NEW EVENT LISTING: An invitation from Templeton's oldest service organization - and REMINDERS.  Please CLICK HERE to download the Update.

MONDAY UPDATE (AUG 6) - CORRECTION: Next TCSD meeting is on the 21st not the 14th - ELECTION NEWS: 2 candidates for school board now on the ballot - COUNTY GOV: County asks for input on storm water plan - WATER NEWS: "California groundwater law means BIG changes above ground, too" - NEW EVENT: THS Football Dinner & Auction scheduled for Aug 25 - and REMINDERS.  Please CLICK HERE to download this Update.

CALENDAR EDITION WITH BULLETIN BOARD (AUG 6) - This edition contains information on meetings, events, classes and concerts for the week of Aug 6-14 along with upcoming events into October.  Please CLICK HERE to download this Edition.

WEEKEND UPDATE (AUG 3) - COMMUNITY NEWS: Restoration of Templeton's 1933 school bus continues (photo) - ELECTION NEWS: It's a start! 2 Templeton candidates are on the ballot - CMSF FINAL RESULTS: CA Mid-State Fair releases results for the "Sizzling" 2018 Fair (photo) - PUBLIC HEALTH NEWS FLASH: County Public Health investigating cases of influenza - LOCAL GOV: (a) Countywide Parks & Recreation needs assessment complete and (b) Veteran's outreach program explores the trail" - FROM THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE: Help needed on North County theft investigation - WATER NEWS: (a) "Sausalito scientist uses technology to tell the ocean's story" and (b) Oxnard installs aerators at Channel Islands Harbor as water quality improves" - THIS WEEKEND: (a) Farmer's Market, (b) Templeton Pool schedule, and (c) "Blame Sally" concert at Castoro cancelled by band due to a family emergency - MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Public workshops on possible use of Diablo Canyon lands and facilities, and REMINDERS .  Please CLICK HERE to download this Update.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE (AUG 1) - ELECTION NEWS: (a) We may have 1 candidate, and (b) Chamber announces forum for State Assembly Candidates - THS SPORTS NEWS:  (a) THS All-Alumni Day & Booster Kick Off, and (b) THS announces season openers for fall sports - LOCAL GOV: (a) News from 1st District Supervisor John Peschong, and (b) Re County Fire: Public service announcements now airing on KSBY - ROADS & TRAFFIC: Long awaited work on Main Street starts this month - WATER NEWS: Special fundraising event for new film on water - FIRE NEWS: "New fires threaten homes in Northern California's El Dorado County, taxing firefighter resources" - REMINDERS: (a) Use caution when traveling on Las Tablas, (b) Please consider running for local office, and (c) Public workshop on water & sewer rate changes Aug 30 - BULLETIN BOARD.  Please CLICK HERE to download this Update. 

TUESDAY UPDATE (JULY 31) - ELECTION NEWS: "Deadline nearing and still no Templeton candidates listed"  HELP NEEDED: "Help needed to remove bees from local school building"  ROADS & TRAFFIC:  "Update on Templeton wastewater project and the roads affected"  POLICE & FIRE LOGS:  "Sheriff's Family Day to be held on September 8"  WATER NEWS:  "Groundwater recharge project informs statewide sustainability efforts"  FIRE NEWS:  "Firefighters try to make progress on 17 fires that cut path of destruction"  REMINDERS:  (a) "Please consider running for local office", (b) "Public workshop on water & sewer rate changes to be held on Aug 30", and (c) "Emergency retaining wall work requires overnight closures in Big Sur" BULLETIN BOARD:  Events, fundraisers, workshops, and classes now into the month of October.  Please CLICK HERE to download this update.

MONDAY UPDATE (JULY 30) - COMMUNITY - "New THS offices & STEM classrooms near completion"; CALENDAR ADDITION - (a) Seniors Club meeting info and (b) Weekday swimming continues thru Aug 17; LOCAL GOV - "Deadline nearing an still no Templeton Candidates"; ROADS & TRAFFIC - (a) "Work continues on Templeton wastewater project" and (b) "Emergency retaining was work in Big Sur requires closures overnight"; WATER NEWS - (a) "Nacimiento, San Antonio water levels affect recreation, draw legal threats" and (b) "California's raging wildfires are creating lightning filled volcanic clouds"; REMINDERS - (a) "Please consider running for local office" and (b) "Public workshop on water and sewer rate changes August 30"; BULLETIN BOARD.  Please CLICK HERE to download this Update.

CALENDAR EDITION WITH BULLETIN BOARD (JULY 30) - This edition contains information on meetings, events, classes, concerts and more for the week of July 30 thru August 6 along with Bulletin Board entries for upcoming events as far out as September.  Please CLICK HERE to download this Edition.

FRIDAY UPDATE (JULY 27) - FAIR RESULTS - (a) Templeton does well in Market Steer Show and (b) Market Steer Show Champions; CALENDAR - Saturday, July 28; LOCAL GOV - Still no candidates on ballot for TCSD or TUSD; RECREATION NEWS - (a) Youth basketball camp starts July 30 / Space is still available and (b) Soccer assessments scheduled for August 4; ROADS & TRAFFIC - (a) Partial closure at Jack Creek Bridge continues and (b) Caltrans reminds motorists that work on 46E resumes Sunday night; FIRE NEWS - Ferguson Fire Update; WEATHER NEWS - Cooler but still over 100 degrees on Saturday; WATER NEWS - (a) "New meta-analysis reveals pace and extent of river recovery: and (b) "CA farm water use still unclear despite new reporting rules"; MARK YOUR CALENDARS - "Livin' the Dream" scheduled for October 13; REMINDERS - (a) Work on Hwy 46E resumes Sunday night, (b) Please consider running for local office, and (c) Public Workshop on water & sewer rate changes on August 30; BULLETIN BOARD.  Please CLICK HERE to download the Update.

THURSDAY UPDATE (JULY 26) - CALENDAR - Friday, July 27; LOCAL GOV - (a) "Public workshop on water & sewer rate changes Aug 30" and (b) "Still 0 candidates for TUSD and TCSD"; FIRE NEWS - Ferguson Fire Update for July 26 @ 7 am; WEATHER NEWS - "HOT weather continues, Saturday a little cooler"; WATER NEWS - (a) "House passes funding bill with two CA water amendments offered by Denham" and (b)"Interior Secretary visits reservoirs hit by flows plan"; REMINDERS - (a) "Fair Auctions support local youth" and (b) "Please consider running for local office" and BULLETIN BOARD.  Please CLICK HERE to download the Update. 

WEDNESDAY UPDATE (JULY 25) - MID-STATE FAIR - (a) "One way to cool off at the Fair - take a bath" and (b) Ice cold craft beers took center stage tonight at the Mid-State Fair - Brendon Gough named Brewmaster of the Year"; CALENDAR - Thursday, July 26; LOCAL GOV - "0 candidates on ballot for TCSD and TUSD as of July 25"; ROADS & TRAFFIC - "Hwy 46E paving near Geneseo Road resumes Sunday night"; FIRE NEWS - "Ferguson Fire update July 25 @ 7 am"; ENERGY NEWS - "Grid holds its own today in spite of heat"; WEATHER - Hot, triple digit weather continues"; WATER NEWS - "How a Silicon Valley city cut landmark deals to solve water crisis"; and REMINDERS.  Please CLICK HERE to download the Update.

TUESDAY UPDATE (JULY 24) - MID-STATE FAIR - "Heritage Foundation presented with energy savings rebate check for $18K"; A FEW FAIR RESULTS - (a) Templeton earns high honors in Breeding Sheep Show, (b) Junior Champions at Dairy Goat Show are from Templeton 4-H, and (c) Templeton places in Country Rodeo Barrel Race; CALENDAR - for Wednesday, July 25 (includes "Today at the Mid-State Fair"); LOCAL GOV - Still no candidates for seats on TUSD and TCSD; FIRE NEWS - (a) Yosemite National Park to close due to Ferguson Fire and (b) Ferguson Fire Update; ENERGY NEWS - Flex Alert remains in force thru Wed; WEATHER NEWS - Several days of continued VERY HOT weather in the forecast; WATER NEWS - "State approves $2.5B to build new dams, water storage projects" and "Stormwater compliance is untapped opportunity"; and REMINDERS.  Please CLICK HERE to download the Update.  


Above:  Work continues on Las Tablas to construct a new sewer pipeline.  The project will return the town's eastside wastewater flows from Paso Robles back to Templeton's Meadowbrook Wastewater Treatment Plant for processing.  When completed, the benefits to the community will be significant.  The half-million plus dollars that Templeton currently pays Paso on an annual basis for treatment and infrastructure costs will be then be invested in Templeton's wastewater treatment and infrastructure instead.  Perhaps even more importantly, approximately 250 acre-feet of water annually will be returned when treated eastside wastewater is percolated down into the sands and gravels of the Salinas underflow and picked up downstream as potable water.   The project includes the laying of at least 17,000 feet of new sewer pipeline, a new Volpi Isbel lift station, the replacement of lift station 3, an upgrade to the westside lift station, and greater water reliability.     Photo courtesy of Francesca Ross at 

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