TEMPLETON POOL SUMMER SCHEDULE - Please click here to download a flyer with the full schedule and information on swimming lessons.  The pool opens on the weekends beginning Memorial Day weekend and is open thru Labor Day weekend.

TUESDAY UPDATE (JULY 17) - This Update includes (a) Calendar for Wednesday, July 18, (b) Community - "Twin Cities Junior Volunteers earn $17K in scholarships" and "Daughters of the American Revolution win Independence Day Parade Sweepstakes Award", (c) Water - "Thirsty vineyard, Big Ag tests landmark aquifer law", (d) Roads & Traffic - Hwy 1 at Mud Creek opens early", and (e) Reminders - "Reserve your time slot now for Dog Splash Days", "Whale Rock tickets are going fast", "Auctions at the Fair", and "Please consider running for local office".  Please CLICK HERE to download this Update.   

MONDAY UPDATE (JULY 16) - This Update includes (a) Calendar for Tuesday, July 17, (b) Water article - "California voters almost always say yes to bonds, but don't always understand the trade-offs", and (c) Reminders - 3 Mid-State Fair auctions, and information for those considering a run for a seat on a local government board.  Please CLICK HERE to download this Update.  

FRIDAY UPDATE (JULY 13) - The Update Includes (a) "Templeton Scouts exemplify spirit of Independence Day Parade", (b) "Kiwanis lauded as Grand Marshalls", (c) two news items of interest, (d) weekend events, and (e) reminders that include info on running for local office.  Please click here to download this Update.  

CALENDAR EDITION WTH FULL BULLETIN BOARD (JULY 2) - This edition contains meetings, events, classes, and concerts for the week of July 2 - including ALL the information for the 4th of July events in Templeton AND upcoming events from now thru September.  Please CLICK HERE to download.

Above:   For three decades, the Templeton Kiwanis Club organized, produced, directed, and hosted the Templeton's Independence Day Parade, until passing the torch to the Rotary Club of Templeton after last year's event.  It had been a true labor of love by the Templeton Kiwanis Club (1984 to 2017).  In recognition of their three decades of hard work and service, past members of the Templeton Kiwanis Club, including Parade Director Bill Perfrey, Parade Committee Chair Mick Pickett and members of the Director's crew were recognized as the Grand Marshall of the 2018 Templeton Independence Day Parade.  Pelfrey was joined by his wife Gwen, Jeff DeBrish, Wayne Gretter, and Becky Paulos in the beautiful Cheval Carriage driven by owner Anita Marlett and assistant Mary.  The draft horse team pulling the coach is made up of a 6 year old Drum Horse named Spots and a 17 year old English Shire named Chrystal.     Photo courtesy of Chris Cobey

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