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Above: One of the many heritage oaks in historic downtown Templeton is well on its way to completely leafing out in mid-April of this year.  The oaks are a significant part of the area's heritage and ecosystem.  At one time, oaks almost completely covered hillsides and open spaces in this area.  When settlers arrived, trees were removed or harvested so that crops could be planted, homes, barns and furniture built, cook stoves, wood stoves and fire places stoked, and charcoal produced for sale in the big cities to the north and south.  Photo (c) Soaring Eagle Press 2018; All Rights Reserved  

Soaring Eagle Press

RAMP IMPROVEMENTS AT LAS TABLAS & HWY 101 (CALTRANS) - Caltrans has begun work to install American with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps at the southbound on-ramp to Hwy 101 at Las Tablas Road in Templeton.  For more information (work times and dates, closures and delays, etc.) please click here.

TRAFFIC ADVISORY FOR THE TWO MARATHONS THIS WEEKEND - The Big Sur International Marathon and San Luis Obispo Marathon will both be held this Sunday (April 29).  If you're traveling north on Hwy 1 or south on 101 thru SLO, please click on the links provided to learn more about closures, delays, and in the case of Big Sur, "shuttle times".

TEMPLETON POOL SUMMER SCHEDULE - Hot off the press!  Here's a copy of the 2018 Summer Schedule for Templeton Pool.  Please click here to download.  The pool opens on the weekends beginning Memorial Day weekend.

BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE - The California Mid-State Fair is once again offering season passes through their "2-fer Tuesday" promotion during the month of May.  Please click here for more information. 

TEMPLETON OLIVE OILS WIN GOLD MEDALS - The 2018 Central Coast Olive Oil Competition results were released this week and Templeton was in the thick of things with a Gold and Best of Class earned by Homestead Olive Ranch and a Gold won by Eyerit Family Olive Oil.  Please click here for more information and the complete results. 

CALENDAR FOR APRIL 23-30 WITH EVENTS BULLETIN BOARD - Please click here to download.

DRAFT MAIN STREET OVERLAY & STRIPING PLAN - Please click here to review the DRAFT plan for the renovation of Main Street from Vineyard Drive north.  The work is scheduled to start this summer.  Please direct your comments and/or concerns to Don Spagnolo, P.E., SLO County Transportation Manager at dspagnolo@co.slo.ca.us.

TRASH RATES - Help keep trash rates down - Please recycle responsibly.  For more information, please click here.