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MONDAY NEWS UPDATE (MAR 26) - The contents of the update include: CORRECTION (a) the date for the TIMBA (Band) fundraiser is Mar 28; CALENDAR ADDITION (a) Fire Committee to meet Thursday; SCHOOL NOTES (a) Wednesday is a FULL school day; ROADS & TRAFFIC (a) Cottontail Creek Road is closed and (b) Traffic control on 41W for slide removal; OF INTEREST TO US (a) "How to meet the strategic challenge posed by China" and (b) An excellent companion read; RAIN GAUGE (a) Mostly sunny; SPORTS NEWS (a) Lady Eagles trounce Lompoc Braves; JUST POSTED (a) Eagles Athletic Boosters 7th Annual Golf Tournament; REMINDERS (a) Weed abatement and (b) Clutter to Cash; Please click here to download the UPDATE.

CALEDAR EDITION WITH BULLETIN BOARD (MAR 26) - This week's Calendar and Bulletin Board has been posted on the "Calendar" page of this website.  Please note that the date for the TIMBA (Band) fundraiser at Chipotle is this Wed (Mar 28).

WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE (MAR 24) - The contents of this update include ROADS & TRAFFIC (a) North County receives transportation funding and (b) Caltrans Newsflash Video; RAIN GAUGE - (a) Season rainfall to date and (b) Mostly sunny thru the beginning of April; SPORTS NEWS - Sports schedule continues to be fluid; REMINDERS - (a) A reminder from Templeton Fire and (b) Time to clean out that clutter & prepare to make some cash; JUST POSTED - Don't cook next Wednesday!  Please click here to download the UPDATE. 

THURSDAY NEWS UPDATE (MAR 22) - The contents include NEWS (a) Main Street project start date delayed, (b) Flooding and damage minimal in Templeton, and (c) Salinas River now flowing "Live Stream"; RAIN GAUGE (a) Season rainfall total to date and (b) Mostly sunny now through the end of March; SPORTS NEWS (a) Changes to THS Sports Calendar and (b) Sports schedule continues to be fluid; REMINDERS (a) Only 3 performances of "My Fair Lady" left to see.  Please click here to download the UPDATE.

WEDNESDAY NEWS UPDATE (MAR 21) - The contents include NEWS (a) $8M Wastewater Project to start this spring, and (b) TCSD Board adopts updated goals for District; CALENDAR NOTES - School Board to hear from Engineering Students; SPORTS NEWS - (a) Tuesday's Swim Meet results and (b) Sports Schedule fluid due to rain; RAIN GAUGE - (a) Season totals to date, (b) Heavy rain in the forecast, (c) Flooding Possible (where to purchase and fill sandbags if needed), and (d) TCSD ready for weather emergencies; and REMINDERS - Only 4 performances of "My Fair Lady" left to see.  Please click here to download the UPDATE.

DRAFT MAIN STREET OVERLAY & STRIPING PLAN - Please click here to review the DRAFT plan for the renovation of Main Street from Vineyard Drive north.  The work is scheduled to start this summer.  Please direct your comments and/or concerns to Don Spagnolo, P.E., SLO County Transportation Manager at dspagnolo@co.slo.ca.us.

TRASH RATES - Help keep trash rates down - Please recycle responsibly.  For more information, please click here.

Above:  Spring is on the way in the North County.  Depending on micro-climate, the last day of frost for most of the greater Templeton area is around mid-April.  It's time to begin preparing the garden and almost time to plant for summer bounty.  The photo above was taken four years ago during a run to a local nursery around this time of the year.  The butterfly was a happy accident.  Photo (C) Soaring Eagle Press 2014; All Rights Reserved



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